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Custom Template Development Services Mailer Custom templates

Great looking and functional design is the first step towards the success of any email marketing campaign.

Newsletter/template design is offered to all clients and Mailer designers will create cutting edge design appealing templates that are functional in all email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail among others.

Need to design a custom template? Contact us today!

If you are a client that is looking for cost-effective design services, pMailer also offers free HTML templates that can either be used as is or be customised to your companies' corporate identity.

Customisation of existing templates will only cost a few hours of design!

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If you are a client that has internal HTML capacity and would like to easily import design, pMailer has easy-to-use tools to import HTML design that may comprise of imagery and text.

All templates can live in Mailer in order to assist clients that don't have access to external HTML editors. Text and imagery can be edited in Mailer's built-in editor and the structural layout of the newsletter can be kept in tacked. This provides clients with the tools to effectively achieve their newsletters looking fresh each time it's delivered to the in-box, without incurring costly and time-consuming design processes.

Once you begin to incorporate our universal templates, you will understand why more and more companies are turning to Mailer.

Mailer Custom Templates comprise of the following:

They are developed to be compliant to web standard HTML.

A tried and tested software platform that has produced email templates that work correctly for the major email clients: Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook 2003/2007 and Hotmail.

Enhanced functionality that meets the design requirements for ease of use.

Designed to fall in line with client's desired look and feel.

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