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Host Control Panel Features

Take a sneak peak at our revamped konsoleH™ and new tools

Let’s start with some small changes you might notice:
  • No more “Options” column

    We have relocated all add-on options to the left hand menu making for a more intuitive user experience. Look under the Manage Services menu item for a full list of add on services available for your domain, package or server.

  • Search by Status

    In addition to ‘Active’, ‘Inactive, and ‘Transfers’, we have incorporated three new status options in our search filter. You can search for orders that are still ‘processing’ and services that have been ‘locked by Hetzner’ or ‘locked by Client’ (Profile Owner). The status of each service is easily identified by the associated icon. Scroll to the bottom of your Profile page to view the icon legend.

    Order process clean-up

    Our new, improved Online Order Process is more intuitive and easier to navigate. With the combination of a new design that is easier on the eye, a ‘Back’ button allowing you to make changes at any previous step and clearer instructions to follow, ordering a new hosting service has never been easier.

    Our TruServ™ customers can now also order domain names using the 'New Order' process.

  • Ordering of sub-domains

    Previously referred to as vanity domains, sub-domains can be ordered via the online order process. Simply select the sub-domain option under step 2 (Domain Selection) and enter the sub-domain name of your choice. Registration fees are not applicable as a sub-domain shares the name of an existing domain.

    Restore backups with ease

    Our new Restore tool allows you to restore web folders and files from your recent backups. No contact centre assistance required.

  • Revamped “Statement Overview” tool

    Cash paying customers - don’t send us your proof of payments, simply indicate payment by checking the ‘Payment Made’ box on your Statement Overview under ‘Account Admin’ > ‘Billing’. Your payment status will change accordingly and should you have suspended services your service will be unsuspended immediately.

    Our new Maillog tool

    Need to check the status of an email sent to or from your email client? View and search through your mail logs with the new Mail log tool in konsoleH. The dynamic search field allows you to refine your search similar to that of a Google Search Engine making it easier and simpler to find the exact mail log you require.

  • Server Recovery Tools

    TruServ™ customers are able to troubleshoot, install Linux Operating Systems and reboot your server at any time via konsoleH with the Rescue System and VNC Installation. If you have locked yourself out of your server use the Wake-On-LAN tool to send a switch-on signal to your server. Visit ‘Domain Management’ > ‘Services’ for the full range of rescue options.

    Upgrade/Downgrade package tool

    Upgrade and downgrade your packages with the new ‘Change package Type’ tool

  • Domain Transfer tool

    Our Domain Transfer tool is now available for use for all Hetzner TLD’s. Simply order the domain you wish to transfer through the online order process and use the Domain Transfer Manager (DTM) tool to initiate and monitor the transfer process.

  • New TLDs available

    We have added a few more tld’s to the family. mobi, .co, .cc and .tv are now available to order through the online order process.

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