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Video Editing

Corporate Communication - Events - Induction -
Marketing - Edutaining - Focus Groups

There is no educational/informational/marketing tool as effective as a well-crafted video production – and we are passionate about producing just such videos/DVDs!

We have decades of experience with all genres – from video productions and series for broadcast to the recording of corporates and corporate events. We have produced, scores of corporate videos and have many delighted customers.

If you haven't tried video/DVD for corporate communication (marketing, induction, etc.) yet, you might consider doing so -- research proves that people are more than twice as likely to remember information received audio-visually than information either only seen or heard. Video is becoming and essential component of all corporate communication.

A good script makes for a good video. Obviously the video should be technically excellent, but you need not pull out all the stops with 3-D animation, household name voice-over artists or famous actors for your corporate video.

A good script cannot be overrated and we are sticklers for detail -- ensuring that your is message is crystal clear and the graphics, animation, music and even the font used for titles, all combine in a pleasing manner to reflect and enhance your production/corporate image. We will make sure you get just the video/DVD you envisaged!

We provides free quotations, according to your specifications.

Generally GoDiRECT is involved in the entire video production process, from conception to final copies, but we can also do your post-production – video editing and final mix – of pre-recorded material.

Your choice format – DVD, broadcast format, internet formats, Flash, etc.

The Mini Show Reel above (plays instantaneously and is only 30 seconds long) gives you just a glimpse of our Show Reel – if you’d like the see our entire DVD, let us know or click on the link below.

The whole Show Reel will take less than 7 minutes to view and could save you thousands of rand.

Panache is very centrally located in Pretoria but we do not limit our recordings to Pretoria, Johannesburg or even Gauteng – we go wherever the client requires us to go; in addition, we also liaise with good camera operators in other provinces that record and courier material (where the shoot does not require the director's presence on location), in order to work as efficiently and economically as possible.

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